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The latest As Seen on TV Lint Roller to hit the airwaves is the Sticky Buddy. This roller has a blue handle with a yellow sticky surface and also has the yellow spikes on the head to help scrape up embedded lint, such as in carpet. Unlike the Schticky, which is pitched by Vince, the Sticky Buddy infomercial features Anthony Sullivan.

One memorable demo of this product in action is picking up rows of coins as they stick to the adhesive roll.

The Sticky Buddy comes with a smaller, portable version that you can store away or take on the go. You also receive a larger version with a handle that works much like a mop, in order to work on lint in larger areas.

The Sticky Buddy is brought to you by Telebrands, who has recently gone on the PR assault against Vince’s Schticky, showing that their Sticky Buddy is the “#1 Lint Roller” in America. So the quest for Lint Roller dominance is in full swing and has many asking the question – which came first? Who is ripping off whom? Or does it really matter?

These look to be essentially the same product and may come down to who the better pitchman is. In one corner we have Vince Offer and in the other, Anthony Sullivan. The infomercials have many of the same elements, all the way down to a shedding cat in a lap.

Tylor Ross invented something called the Sticky Brush and from what I can tell, Telebrands has bought the licensing for this product and recently trademarked the term Sticky Buddy. So this wouldn’t be the first time that two similar products duked it out in infomercial land and it certainly won’t be the last. Perhaps there’s enough room in America’s hearts to embrace two sticky lint rollers. Only time and your pocketbooks will reveal who the winner ultimately is.

Sticky Buddy Website | Schticky Website

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