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Flex Belt

I have a question for you. What do Adrianne Curry and Lisa Rinna have in common? They both endorse the Flex Belt. While Lisa is a soap opera star and Adrianne is the Next Top Model, one thing they agree on is the Flex Belt effectiveness in working your core so you don’t have to.

The Flex Belt is an Ab Vibration Belt that works you core muscle groups to give you a great set of abs without having to resort to getting on the floor and doing situps. Lisa Rinna says in her testimonial for the Flex Belt that she knows it is working because her abs are sore. She also states that it works on the Flex Belt website. See for yourself.

As far as Adrianne goes, she says that she can take it anywhere and likes how it can go on under your clothes.

So… how does this thing work, exactly? Well, there are 3 gel pads that cover the central abdominals and the external obliques. While you tone, signals from the Flex Belt pound your nerves where they are most concentrated. These nerves reach out to all of your stomach muscles to cause them to contract and relax. This works all of your muscles at the same time, not just those under the pads.

Think of it as being targeted to your abs, all while you go about your day. Instead of resorting to reporting to the gym daily and not being able to do anything else during that time, reclaim that time that is wasted at the gym by working out your abs while doing something else around the house, such as housework or general chores. You can be working out your midsection under your clothes while you take care of business at the house – and no one has to know that you are even wearing the Flex Belt.

So what do you say. Shouldn’t you at least try the flex belt?

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