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Vince is back and better than ever with the Schticky – the reusable lint roller. This is a household product that comes in handy. Face it – you don’t think about a lint roller until you really need one.

With the Schticky, you can simply rinse it off and reuse. No peeling those non-effective strips that you continually have to refill. The Schticky can be cleaned off with a stream of water and then you are ready to de-lint just about anything.

The Schticky comes with both a Little Schticky and a Big Schticky. The Big Schticky is an adhesive mop that you can use to clean up larger areas that are riddled with lint. The Little Schticky is ideal for portability and for smaller jobs, so you can keep this one in a desk drawer, your car, or just about anywhere.

You may have noticed from the infomercial that Vince does a mock mug shot scene. This is inspired by true life events when Vince (his real name is Vince Offer) was arrested in Florida for an altercation with a prostitute. So if you are wondering why he went to prison, it has something to do with the oldest profession. We are glad that Vince is back to selling on TV – which is the second oldest profession.

The Schticky is destined to be the next infomercial hit for Vince, who previously pitched the ShamWow and the Slap Chop to superstar status. So, what are you waiting for? Get the Schticky!

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