Mighty Bite

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The Mighty Bite is a realistic fishing bait. It has a bite on it to make it look real, and it feels and tastes real to where fish won’t let go. You insert a custom weighting and rattle system to make it move like a real wounded fish. It’s motion activated time release sense stick makes it smell like a real fish.

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There is also the Mighty Bite Nano

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The Mighty Bite Nano has the action of an injured baby fish to catch fish of all sizes. And it works the same way the Original Mighty Bite Works

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And there is also the Mighty Bite Worm

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The Mighty Bite Worm feels and tastes like a real worm. So I don’t suggest eating it. You can customize it with all these different legs and fins to make it look like a real worm.

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It can even hop across lily pads.


Now, Let’s get down to the nitty gritty…

You can get the Mighty Bite for $19.95 +P/H with over 100 pieces and a 90 minuets DVD that has a bunch of fishing secrets if you want that, an EZ guide, and a UFO Glow kit that makes the fish glow. Because fish are attracted to light.

The Mighty Bite Nano is for free with the Mighty Bite. Same $19.95 and it comes with all the same stuff. There is a 90 day guarantee and an $80 value with all the Mighty Bite and Mighty Bite Nano stuff

The Mighty Bite Worm is $19.95 +P/H with over 100 pieces and a 90 minuet DVD with all the worm fishing secrets for free.

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