Magic Finder

Magic Finder

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The magic finder is the fastest and easiest way to find anything. You can hook it to your keys, wallet, remote controls, phone, luggage, pets, purses, ect. If you can’t find your car in a parking lot, you can hook it that.

All you do is download the app and it will track to the Magic Finder device that is on your lost item. You can track the item using the radar screen. Or you can make it beep while it is blinking a red light. And to find your phone, you have to have the Magic Finder, you click a button on it and the phone will start ringing even if the ringer is turned off.

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It can track up to 8 items at once if you have multiple Magic Finders.


It is only $19.99. If you order now you can get a second one free. Thats an $80 value. This offer is not available in stores, so call or click now.

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