Ab Rocket Twister

Ab Rocket Twister

The Ab Rocket Twister works out your core while keeping you off the floor. Why do sit ups when you can sit and rock your abs instead.

And now they have added a twist to the Ab Rocket, literally. The Ab Rocket Twister has an added swivel motion to work out those love handles and melt them away.

Mel B, former Spice Girl, appears in the Ab Rocket Twister infomercial. And now you can try the Ab Rocket Twister for yourself. For just $14.95 and free shipping, you can try this amazing ab machine in your own home.

Enjoy twice the gain for half the strain. The Ab Rocket Twister is made out of gym quality steel. You also get a 5 in 1 workout DVD and a meal plan.

The Ab Rocket Twister supports your neck and head so you won’t injure yourself during your workout. And the hardest area to workout with traditional ab workouts is your obliques – your sides. The swivel motion brings the burn to your sides and now you can enjoy the ride to smooth, sexy abs.

Want to go straight up and down and not do the swivel, re-insert the pin to hold the chair in place and you can crunch up and down without the swivel motion.

The full price of the Ab Rocket Twister, if you decide to keep it beyond the 30 day trial, you simply pay a total price of $164.80, or 3 payments of $49.95. So they’ve thought of everything when it comes to making this product affordable for every budget. You can try it before you buy it, and you even get free shipping.

Really, what excuse do you have to be sporting that spare tire when an Ab Rocket Twister is within reach? It will pay for itself quickly compared to a gym membership.


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